Sweet Flex App, Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer

8 responses to “Sweet Flex App, Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer”

  1. Jason Avatar

    That looks like it took quite a bit of work.

  2. Steven Erat Avatar
    Steven Erat


  3. Yacoubean Avatar

    Can someone explain to me why you would need Flex for that, and not just Flash?

  4. Rick Avatar

    wow! Forget Sherwin Williams… someone needs to do that for hex and RGB colors so us web developers can use it. 😛

  5. John Avatar

    One could say it is flash. Why use a wysiwyg editor when I can use a text editor to code cf?

  6. Nathan Dintenfass Avatar
    Nathan Dintenfass

    Hmm, when I tried to view it I got:
    We are experiencing technical problems..
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later………….

  7. andy makely Avatar
    andy makely

    Was this a competitive response to the Behr paint app, which was built using the Laszlo server?

  8. Lisa Avatar

    Definitely better than what they had before, but I still think Benjamin Moore’s viewer is the best out there, much classier app with faux integrated right into it. I have the Pro version and it is awesome. Mac & PC friendly.

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