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  1. but, he’s not actually going to be able to discuss very much is he? he’ll be constrained by all of the current legal issues as much as the main guys in the US no? Unless his session will be ‘off the record’ so to speak…

  2. I have no idea what will be covered, but you are correct, there are serious constraints as to what can and will be said.

  3. I’m right in the middle of convincing the organization that I work for that CF is the way to go….and now this. I hope CF and it’s support isn’t going to go away.

  4. Darren, you should have even stronger "ammunition" now – Adobe are after Microsoft, Macromedia are full of visionaries, and the CF sales (alone) are up (see MACR’s CEO breeze presso).
    sell ’em the MACR vision – it’ll work
    my 2c
    (this has not been a paid endorcement – LOL!)

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