Kevin Lynch: ColdFusion Is "Core DNA Of Our Company"

Today’s SD Times News “News On Thursday” opened with a brief story on the Adobe Macromedia announcement, and included quotes by Macromedia’s Chief Software Architect Kevin Lynch. The following is a copy and paste of the 3rd paragraph of the interview:
He called ColdFusion and J2EE “the core DNA of our company,” and indicated the upcoming takeover will not change anything for developers using those technologies. Noting that he could not discuss much due to the quiet period mandated by federal rules governing corporate acquisitions, Lynch said Macromedia’s recently released update to ColdFusion “was the best in at least five years, and that community is quite strong.”

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  1. Keith Avatar

    Thank god, someone had to say it. Everyone is complaining about changing technologies what they don’t realize is Macromedia has everything you could need in a few products . I think Adobe made all their money years ago in the industry with Photoshop, then Acrobat (every release they had in the last few years was the same product over again) and now their stagnant. Given Flashpaper and Fireworks with strong enterprise level ColdFusion, Macromedia is all grown up. Adobe would be dead if they didn’t use all the money they had and take over Macromedia products. Yes I think the cool little guy "MacM" is selling out a bit, but its probably not Ben or the crew its the stupid greedy shareholders. Our (Macromedia) products are getting better every year and we all know how stupid it would be to dump any thing Macromedia has. Ben was right when he said since spectra to Macromedia, ColdFusion and Flash have only gotten better. If I was Adobe id be scared too that FlashPaper would take over. Acrobat is one of the last products they have left on anyone’s desktops. Maybe you all didn’t notice that.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    While I think a lot of the "greedy shareholders" stand to make a lot of money, I for one am planning on voting my shares as a no for the merger.
    I’m curious to see if the number of other shareholders that vote no is significant.

  3. Keith Avatar

    Ya Ben since your great at making cf polls I wonder if youd get in trouble making one on your site about who really wants a merger, I mean if the shareholders were really smart and new the products like we (the developers)do they would let adobe die away with their old products and snach them up in 3 years for a real steal.hehehe

  4. Stefan Avatar

    First I thought: "At last, the power of the Sith", all in one. But last night, I changed my mind. I don’t need Adobe. That is way I moved away from ImageReady/Photoshop both trusted friends for years, and started useing FW exclusively. I’ve been using DW since version 2 and started programming ColdFusion 2 years ago. The latest realease CF 7, is awesome! awesome! awesome! I don’t like Flash much, but CF 7 is making rich internet applications for non-believers, possible. My point: Adobe needs Macromedia, not the other way around.

  5. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    I see Adobe takeover as a good move for us, specially because they have a better penetration on the enterprise world and lots of money (what MM doesn’t have know). It’s a nice boost isn’t?

  6. Tim Avatar

    I’m curious, now that Adobe has acquired Macromedia will they begin to build their own OS?

  7. noname Avatar

    Build their own OS? For what? An optimized environment for Graphics packages? Programming packages? For who? The end user? Highly doubt it.

  8. igtats Avatar

    The only benefit I can see in Adobe is that they already have their foot in the door at many large enterprise corporations. Which is the only thing Macromedia is lacking.
    Otherwise, Adobe needs Macromedia, not the other way around.
    I am just grateful it is Adobe and not MICROSOFT.
    Where is Apple or Pixar in all of this … don’t they use flash to make their movies??? That would be the ultimate partnership who could give Microsoft a run for their money.

  9. Jim Ruzicka Avatar
    Jim Ruzicka

    I am hoping MM and Adobe together can build a great digital signature framework to include in future ColdFusion versions, for PDF sectional signing.

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