Experimenting With Flash Form Styles

The look of Flash Forms can be controlled using styles. To help fine tune style selections, I threw this quick and dirty form together. It allows you to set eight style settings, the results of which are immediately reflected in a sample button control. Note that I am using the setStyle() method to set styles programmatically at runtime, but styles are typically defined in the style attribute.
Here’s the code (you can try the example here):

Specify colors as RGB values (eg. 0x000000 0x00FF00) or color literals (eg. red green yellow).

4 responses to “Experimenting With Flash Form Styles”

  1. PaulH Avatar

    have you seen this?
    between and these folks are creating up a storm of really useful cfform stuff.

  2. pim Avatar

    I am experimenting a new version of it with a little colorPicker, it will move if you focus in a single color attribute, I am adapting to have it work with array of colors (fillColors, alternatingRowColors …), adding the missing controls (hdividedbox..), when I have free time 😉
    You can view it here:

  3. pim Avatar

    From here, you can also download the source code:

  4. Victor Avatar

    on this example i realized that some styles are not accesible thru style="" but they are thru setStyle() for a button. what setStyle options do i have for a cfgrid?

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