Someone just sent me a link to a thread on a site named Shiny Donkey. I have no idea what a Shiny Donkey is, or why they’d have a poll about facial hair, but apparently someone named “Ben Forta” with an e-mail address of hangs out over there. And yes, I do have a beard, but nope, that is not me. So …

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  1. Your beard aside, what was someone else doing there for them to report that link to you? 🙂
    Or maybe that showed up in a Google search or something.

  2. sorry as i read that it sounds like i’m trying to be mean. I am not. Just your beard is a bit fuller than most I have seen and "beard" doesn’t really do it justice.

  3. The photo at the top of the ShinyDonkey site is that of Jon Stewart, comedian and current host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show.

  4. I think that Ben was upset that his separated-at-birth fraternal twin had been seduced by the dark side (.Net)… Tis a shame.

  5. Hey No One –
    I think I just <cfdumped> in my pants – that is the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in awhile!!

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