CFMX7 Powers Spanish News Site

Canarias7 is a regional Spanish newspaper, and the online version is powered by ColdFusion MX 7 (running on Windows 2003, and using Apache and MySQL).
The site uses CFMX7 form validation enhancements, improved XML support, new Verity functionality, and also uses CFMX7 charting. For an example, look at this poll page (click on Ver resultados to see the poll results). The chart is generated by ColdFusion, but that is not a chart format supported out of the box. To create this chart the developers used the WebCharts3D styles, and the results are dramatic.
Oh, and the best part is the site took just 3 months to build, and served 50,000 page views in the first 12 hours that it was online.
Thanks to Ernesto Rodriguez Ageitos for sharing all this info.

8 responses to “CFMX7 Powers Spanish News Site”

  1. Peter Swanson Avatar
    Peter Swanson

    Hi Ben,
    I noticed the new charting features in CF MX 7, and they are cool, but I think the charts you mention here are cooler. Do you know how I can incorporate WebCharts3D with a ColdFusion website?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Peter, those charts were indeed created with CFMX7! WebCharts3D is a tool used to tweak the charting engine, look in the cfusionmx7charting folder, and the docs for <cfhcart>.

  3. Joshua Dale Avatar
    Joshua Dale

    That’s pretty cool. How did they get it to animate like that?

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    The animation is part of any and all Flash Forms in CFMX7. Using styles you can control the animation too.

  5. Joshua Dale Avatar
    Joshua Dale

    Wow, that was fast.
    Where can I find information on animating flash forms and the chart. I couldn’t find it in livedocs.
    BTW, I like your book ;o)

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Oops, I meant flash charts, not flash forms. Take a look at the styles (xml files) in /cfusionmx7/charting/styles. Also, look at the docs, here is one link:

  7. Ernesto Avatar

    Best of all, the time to "design" the chart using WebCharts3D was err…. five minutes?

  8. Ernesto Avatar

    Worth to mention than after 18 months under Windows, we have just moved that website into a Linux server, and we had to touch no line of code. Wonderful (well, just translate some paths from to /). And also, Verity didn’t works well with utf-8, but apart from that, the whole application is just running fine.

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