Using Flash Remoting With CFMX7? Watch Out For This One

I mentioned this in a comment on a prior post, but it is important enough to warrant its own mention. If you are using Flash Remoting to access ColdFusion code, you may run into an issue in which ColdFusion could construct an invalid URL when appending a jsessionid. If this occurs the web server via which you are accessing your code could throw errors. The solution is simply, just add a ? To the end of the gateway URL, change /flashservices/gateway to /flashservices/gateway?, doing so ensures that the URL will be created correctly. This issue was discovered by our tech support folks, and I believe they’ll be posting a TechNote on it shortly.

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  1. Mugs Avatar

    i have tried everything from editing the xml file on web-inf and installing the updater etc etc. but i still get and error "page not found", please help, this is driving me mad

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