Powered By Detroit A Success

Detroit played host to Powered by Detroit this weekend, its first ColdFusion/Flash conference, with about 150 attendees from all over. I attended day two (today, Sunday) and presented a general session on CFMX7, and then took part in a panel along with Mike Dinowitz and Simon Horwith.
Thanks to Cornel Ivanescu and crew for pulling the event together, the attendees I spoke to were all very pleased with the event and look forward to a repeat next year.
So, all in all a great event. With one gotcha. Cornel and his wife, in an attempt to embarrass me, had me enter the hall in a Hummer (yes, a Hummer) that was pushed (yes, pushed) by the user group managers. When the Hummer doors opened out jumped two Hooters girls (yes, Hooters girls) who followed me on to the stage and then hurled t-shirts to the audience. And yes, lots of attendees had cameras. Oh, the things I do for the community. 😉

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  1. Callum McGillivray Avatar
    Callum McGillivray

    Oh come on Ben,
    Surely that wasn’t so bad 😛

  2. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    Fantastic … if you make it to Scotch, we’ll send you on with a couple of sheep and a highland cow.
    I jest of course 🙂

  3. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I have a different religious background from yours. Yet, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or doctor in sociology to know that was objectionable. Cornel should offer you a public appology. It was VERY GRACIOUS of you to tollerate his antics. (Perhaps it was even would be good to not allow yourself to be used in such a way. I do understand the decision likely didn’t have much time to be worked out.) This type of thing keeps as many of us away from conferences as attend. Businsess trips and bachelor parties… it seems monogomy is being surrendered to lust rather than higher reasoning.

  4. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    how do hooters girls and monogamy have anything related?
    i can go to a candy store and look @ the candy and not tread on my diet right?

  5. Michael Smith Avatar
    Michael Smith

    It was a great event and I got a good response on my talk on Project Management. Cornel and his wife did a great job organizing it! I noticed that there was a lot of buzz about CFUNITED among the attendees without me talking about it. I met some new MMUG managers and while pushing Ben’s Hummer into the hotel was easy, getting it back out into the street took much longer!
    – Michael Smith, CFUNITED

  6. Michael Dinowitz Avatar
    Michael Dinowitz

    It was fantastic across the board. Lots of good talk, lots of fun, lots of effort for the conference itself and no fist fights on panels. 🙂
    For a first time conference it was A++ in my book.

  7. Christen Avatar

    Powered by Detroit was my first CF conference. I was very excited to be at the conference and hear seminars from the best. I learned a lot!!!! I was especially excited to hear from Ben, who has taught me everything I know about CF in his books.
    But, as a female developer I was VERY disappointed to see such a display of hooters girls. It just shows that the "intended audience" of the crowd were male and it was definitely not the professionalism that I expected. I found it disrespectful.

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Christen, I am glad you found the event productive.
    As for the grand entrance, you are not the first person to voice that criticism (actually, the first person was my wife!, and there have been others since). Had I had known about it beforehand I’d definitely have been opposed to it (which is probably why the car was mentioned but nothing else). I am sure that it was intended as harmless fun, there are many who found it offensive, and I’m going to pass your comments on to the organizers.

  9. Alina Ivanescu Avatar
    Alina Ivanescu

    I want to apologize to everyone who was offended by the Hooter girls (or the Hummer…) Having suggested the scenario, I feel at least half responsible for it. The idea behind it was not necessarily of fun, but to introduce the honor guest in a special, memorable way and nothing more. I’m sure Cornel will second that.

  10. Lawrence Cramer Avatar
    Lawrence Cramer

    You live, You learn. I’m sure there won’t be any Hooters Girls at year two… Nuff Said
    Let’s not miss the most important point. In ALL other respects this was an outstanding conference. Considering it was the first time out, it was even more outstanding! The quality of the content and the line up of speakers provided plenty for everyone. So, with the appropriate afore mentioned tweaks, year two should be even better. A must be there for sure!
    Fantastic job Cornel. Thank you for your hard work and hospitality, and to Ben for your poise and graciousness.

  11. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Lawrence, well said, thank you!

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