Review: "Patently Ridiculous"

We all know that patents have been awarded for the most ridiculous of inventions, but just how ridiculous some of them are may surprise you. For example, patent 6,637,447 for “Beerbrella” (yep an umbrella that clips onto your beer bottle), patent 6,206,000 for a “canine scuba diving apparatus”, patent 6,035,553 for a bubble generator that is installed into the sole of a shoe, patent 5,970,518 for a “multiple person outfit” (picture a shirt with two neck holes and two arms, or pants with shared legs), and patent D430,934 for a nose picker (a stick shaped like a finger). Yes, these are all real “inventions” as cataloged in Patently Ridiculous, a wonderful little book containing over 100 of the most bizarre inventions ever thought up. Each invention is accompanied by the inventors’ own diagrams, along with explanatory text. This book is silly, and fun, and for under $10 is perfect bathroom reading material.

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