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  1. A few users seem to be experiencing an issue where data never loads and the wait cursor spins indefinitely. Refresh the page and this won’t happen again. I am still trying to find out what is causing this (of course it does not happen for me, grrr).

  2. It’s also breaking big time in firefox. I’ve got reports from co-workers that it "crashed" there computer / brower when visiting it with the latest FF browser.

  3. ok she’s got some adblock plugin running and other tweaks which are causing it to crash, and JS errors to be reported.
    so must be an isolated case or something.

  4. I like the concept of Flex… but the dependability of HTML served up via CFMX7 is still a sure thing. MM should concentrate on broad support for that will be one of the biggest struggles for MS with thier upcomming attempt at a simular product. (Cross Browser and Cross Platform.)

  5. John,
    Flex uses the Flash player to display its content, and Flash is on 99% of machines (or something close to that).
    I’m using FF on Linux with Flash 7, and I get the right side of the ‘screen’ (the app) covered by a grey square.

  6. extremely cool!
    I have to admit that Flex makes the whole user experience really sweet.
    I just hope that all the browser issues that it has get fixed at some point. I still have problems viewing most Flex app when they first load.

  7. John, Flex generates Flash apps. There is no real platform dependences as there are Flash players for all major platforms. Not is there a browser dependency in truth, there is a player requirement obviously, but there are players for browsers (the Flash player) and desktops (Central).

  8. Ben,
    Your comment on 99% deployment of Flash ipso facto Flex is ok is just plain wrong.
    I know of places where Flash 3 is still the standard corp install as later versions haven’t been approved. Very slow IT and no justification to move it forward.
    Ben can you provide the figure for the % deployment that can actually run a Flex application?
    The issue with flex is illustrated very nicely by your blog. 95% are experiencing no problems, 5% now can’t see the content…and while we’re at it lets completely ignore those people with accessibility issues (the partially sighted etc).
    Flex is OK, but it really is bells and whistles and until it allows people very simply to ‘switch’ to an accessible html version (generated by Flex), you are not going to take this further.
    MM might be harping on about how wonderful flash is and how they are taking it to new levels, but you are still not getting away from the fact that you are not addressing accessibility.
    You may wish to ignore this, but these days, my clients require a minimum W3C AA accessibility compliance and for those people that think this means boring sites…have a look at http://www.csszengarden.com
    Apologies, didn’t mean this to turn into a rant.

  9. Adam, a few comments:
    1) I did not mention percentages at all, and Flash Player 7 does not have 99% adoption that I know of. If you want version usage statistics see http://www.macromedia.com/software/player_census/flashplayer/version_penetration.html.
    2) Flex can indeed be used to build accessible applications. See http://www.macromedia.com/macromedia/accessibility/features/flex/ for details.
    3) I don’t think that anyone implied that CSS sites are boring. But at the same time, I don’t really agree with your implied assertion that CSS sites are somehow automatically accessible. Accessibility takes work and planning, regardless of the delivery mechanism.
    — Ben

  10. I thing the biggest problem is being glossed over. 8 of the first 16 posts to this thread couldn’t get the Flex version of the ISP list to work the first time they tried it, including myself.
    Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Flex driven consumer applications, compared to their Flash Remoting or Flash Forms counterparts.

  11. Tom, take a look at the source code on the page where the ISP list is located. The Flex app is being delivered via an iframe, which I’m betting is the main cause for these issues.
    Visit the flex link directly…and it works fine, Id imagine a majority of Flex apps will not be delivered via an iframe, however the issue seems to be stemming from the use of Flex delivered via an iframe, not really as big of a problem as you would imagine.

  12. Yup, skipping the IFRAME fixed the problem. So now the app works great from my home ISP. But the :8700 in the direct Flex URL is blocked by our corporate firewall, as well it should be.
    Any one have an idea why the app is being served up on port 8700, instead of the normal 80?

  13. It was ME that said flash is on 99% of machines. I didn’t know the exact numbers, but I wasn’t off by much (< v. 7).
    As I stated before, I’m on SuSE Linux with FireFox (v. 1.02) and Flash v. 7. I tried the direct link that other’s report works for them and I still get most of the screen covered in solid gray. A problem with the Flash player on Linux maybe?

  14. Yacoubean, I’ve had similar problems with Flash in general (not just Flex) on Linux / FP7…haven’t had the time to look into why.

  15. Ok, so we *seem* to have fixed the problem, and if that is the case then it is actually not a Flex or Flash issue but a ColdFusion one. It looks like a problem with how the web server handles ColdFusion URL’s when a jsessionid gets appended, adding a ? to the gateway URL seems to have solved the problem. So, if any of you still run into issues let me know.

  16. Is there a reason that http://www.webserve.ca/ is not listed
    We are starting to have problem with them and I want to know if anyone else have issue with them.
    My main problem with them is that they use a DevNet Edition of Coldfusion MX 7.

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