Wow! Flash Forms Can Do That?

For a truly astounding example of what can be accomplished using Flash Forms in CFMX7, check out AS Fusion’s CF Presenter. And this is not even a form!

5 responses to “Wow! Flash Forms Can Do That?”

  1. PaulC Avatar

    If you see the Flex and Breeze teams outside your door at 5 AM with pitchforks…run.

  2. John Avatar

    That is really cool.

  3. Rick Mason Avatar
    Rick Mason

    Very impressive app, best part is that they’re going to be at Powered by Detroit. Eagerly await their presentation.

  4. George Smith Avatar
    George Smith

    Nice Example, but I have been looking for 2 weeks and have a support issue open at Macromedia about checkboxs and the cfform cf7. zero documentation on this even in your WACK and advanced WACK. What to do so simple yet so hard. All I want to do is have a combo box with names, when a name is selected the detail is displayed in a bunch of dynamic label fields and and checkboxs (some checked and some not depending on whats in the DB). The combobox and label field part works great! but the checkboxs dont work at all. Anyways keep up the good work. Please more RemotingConnector and CF7 examples would be great.

  5. Ida Avatar

    I also have problems with checkbox in flash form. I pulled query results to a grid and wanted to add checkbox next to each row so that users can select multiple records and submit to the next page, where batch report will be printed according to what they select (essentially, another query that takes in the selections). I haven’t found a way to multi-select records in flash form, and ctrl/alt click doesn’t work. Is there anyway to do it?

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