Running ColdFusion MX7 On 64bit Windows

Over the weekend I installed Windows XP Professional 64bit RC2 on my AMD powered IBM IntelliStation A Pro. It took a while to find the correct 64bit video drivers, and I still have one device showing up as “unidentified” … but that being said, the system is running nicely, and I have not found any apps that won’t work (yet).
I also installed ColdFusion MX 7 on the machine using the JRun+CF installation option. I did a full install, ODBC, Verity, example apps, and all. The installation itself was the fastest CFMX7 install I have ever seen, so fast that I was convinced that something had gone wrong and that the installation had failed. But nope, a nice clean installation.
As for ColdFusion itself, the example apps all run perfectly (even using ODBC connections), WEB Services and sandboxes and graphing and reporting and … everything I have tried thus far just works. The only difference I see is that everything runs faster!
Just to be clear, I am running 32bit ColdFusion on a 32bit JRun running in a 32bit JVM, so I am definitely not taking advantage of the fact that I have a 64bit machine with a 64bit OS. But having said that, it’s great to see that everything just works.

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  1. Pete Freitag Avatar
    Pete Freitag

    Do you plan on trying ColdFusion with Java 1.5 in 64bit mode?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Looks like we have some issues with JRE 1.5, the team is looking into this one.

  3. Mike Prest Avatar
    Mike Prest

    I was able to get CF 7 running on Windows Server 2003 x64 by running a VB script (to get IIS 6 to allow 32-bit apps). Then I couldn’t run the CF 7 updater. Have you been able to run the September CF7 updater? Thanks – Mike Prest

  4. Mark Fennell Avatar
    Mark Fennell

    Are there any plans to release a 64-bit CF in the near future? Perhaps with the Scorpio/Mystic version?

  5. Mike Prest Avatar
    Mike Prest

    Unfortunately I was advised by Macromedia Customer Service that CF 7 is supported on Windows Server 2003 x64 even though they don’t have it listed as a supported OS. Secondly, there seem to be a number of problems with it (some people have given up trying to run it). Apps that can’t run properly under Windows Server 2003 x64 aren’t always the app developers fault, but it’s disappointing that Adobe/Macromedia isn’t providing much help. I guess they’d be more interested in helping me if I spent $500 to open a support ticket. I saw this same lack of support for Novell NetWare years ago and the rest of history (along with their market share).

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Mark, Mike,
    No plans yet. But no plans not to. There has been very little customer request for this thus far, and we’ll do it when customers need it. (There is a very significant cost in doing so and we need to do it if folks will pay for it, and not if not).
    Having said that, it should indeed work as a 32 bit app, I’ve been running it for months with no problems.
    — Ben

  7. Alex Avatar

    Is it worth saying therefore that if we’re in the process of specing out servers a cluster of 3 dual processor dual core AMD opteron servers would not provide any real benefit for us if we’re running cf in 32bit mode. Is the 64bit os going to allow more memory allocation or is really just a waste of time, and we should just use the money to buy more 32bit boxes ?

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