ColdFusion DevCenter in Spanish and Italian

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  1. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    I know this is off-topic Ben, but this really is horrendous on MM’s part:
    I can buy CF7 Enterprise for £ 2,707.63 in the USA
    OR I can buy it for £4289.00 from the MM site.
    Absolutely ridiculous.
    So I can go on holiday to America, pickup a licence key and still be in the money.
    MM really really really needs to sort this sorry state of affairs out.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Adam, I heard this same complaint numerous times while in Europe last month, and did pass that info on. But two points to note:
    1) Local pricing is set by the local offices, MM UK gets to decide UK pricing, and you should let them know how you feel.
    2) Having said that, the discrepancy is worse now because of the exchange rate, £1 being close to $2. I did not hear anyone complaining a couple of years ago when £1 was $1.45.

  3. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    Hi Ben,
    I hear where you are coming from and that it really is a case of shopping around.
    What I will say is that the presence of CF within the UK is small compared to other technologies and that MM should be aware that this price discrepancy can only put potential customers off the product.
    PS: Why does your blog send me three emails when you reply?

  4. Robert Avatar

    I believe the addition of italian content is a wonderful idea. It has been very helpful. I hope some of the linked conent is also translated in the future.

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