Not Going To Make It To DC

I was scheduled to be in the Washington DC area all week this week, but am stuck in bed with the flu and a respiratory infection. I am told that I look pathetic and sound even worse. Fun stuff, huh? I was also supposed to speak to the MDCFUG tomorrow night, but obviously won’t make it now. In all the years doing what I do, this is only the second time I have had to cancel an event due to illness, and I am not pleased about having to do so. I’ll plan a follow up visit to make up for it, promise. For those of you attending the government CFMX7 events on Thursday, those events will go on as scheduled with Tim Buntel taking my place (and giving up much deserved time off to do so).

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  1. Joe Rinehart Avatar
    Joe Rinehart

    Hey Ben,
    Sorry you can’t come visit us at MDCFUG – hope you feel better soon. Get some rest, stay away from the laptop, and watch those Looney Tunes DVDs.

  2. Mike Rankin Avatar
    Mike Rankin

    I feel your pain, Ben. I’ve been fighting this bug off for almost a week now. I’ve found that the "Giant chocolate chip cookie and Ice Cream" therapy works the best (plus a handfull of pills).
    Get well soon.

  3. igtats Avatar

    Dude… it just proves you’re really human.
    Most of us secretly think you’re a high-tech virtual reality created by MM. How else could you be everywhere all the time, be a CF genius, have 7 children, write books, return emails and still have time to keep up with a blog???
    Take it easy and feel better soon…

  4. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    Take some time off, and then jump on a plane to Scotland at the end of May where we will make sure you’re fully recovered by providing you with mass quantities of the best medicine available…
    Single Malt Whisky! 🙂
    Seriously though, get some rest and take the opportunity to spend some time at home. Ain’t nothing like it.

  5. Steve Ray Avatar
    Steve Ray

    I’m sure that you just need some much-deserved rest.

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