Great Event In Brussels, Despite Presidential Interference

I am in Amsterdam now, the last stop on this European launch tour.
I presented ColdFusion MX 7 in Brussels this afternoon, at a CF Seminar attended by crowd of 120. Less than a dozen of those present had seen CFMX7, so the content was fresh for most. I have now presented CFMX7 hundreds of times to many thousands of developers all over the globe, and it is still incredibly gratifying to see the reactions to the new features, the same reactions every time. The big winners, once again, were the printing and reporting features. Lots of interest in XForms and Flash Forms, and lots of interest in asynchronous processing too.
The only hiccup was having to hastily reschedule a morning customer meeting at the last minute when we discovered that it was impossible to get around the city because downtown Brussels was essentially shutdown thanks to President Bush dropping by. And you know, just be very clear about this, I believe that the CF meetings and events were scheduled before the President’s trip was scheduled, we should have had priority I think. Oh well.

3 responses to “Great Event In Brussels, Despite Presidential Interference”

  1. Dipke Avatar

    Congrats on your presentation in Brussels, too bad there was too much time for commercial bla-blah and too little time for your demos…
    Seems that you’re on the road all the time… What about your <cf_wife> and <cfinclude template="all the kids.cfm"> Ben?

  2. Jaker Avatar

    You feel CF meetings should take precedence over discussions of peace in the Middle East and threats to democracy in Russia? Well, each to his own I guess…

  3. Antoine Avatar

    Hey Ben,
    thanks a million for presenting CFMX 7 on our small market, it means a lot to us…Well to me !
    It’s always a pleasure to have a real developer, and especially someone like you, showing real hints and codes instead of dutch commercial selling stuff we did not showed up for !
    You are more than welcome in Belgium…anytime

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