TechNote GO URLs

There are lots of product TechNotes on the Macromedia site, and their individual URLs can be long and unwieldy. To make accessing specific TechNotes easier, you can use /go/ URLs, in the format /go/tn_nnnnn (assuming you know the TechNote ID, that is). For example, to access TechNote 17883 you can go to

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  1. Erki Esken Avatar
    Erki Esken

    Technote go URLs work also without the "tn_" part, as MM’s Neil Straghalis explains in the comments here when I asked about how the go URLs are implemented:

  2. Danilo Avatar

    Perhaps Macromedia can add a "shorter url" to the pages that are "go"-ized, or add to the common areas of the page a "make shorter link" button to facilitate the copy and pasting, or emailing of longer links.

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