I presented ColdFusion MX 7 to the London CFUG tonight. The event started at 3:00pm with an introduction by Macromedia’s Jan Van Jensen, Lucas Sherwood then gave an intro to Flex, Steve Allison introduced Captivate, and then I had 90 minutes or so to present ColdFusion MX 7. I covered printing, reporting, XForms, Flash Forms, charting, asynchronous processing, IM integration, and SMS integration. Lots of good questions, a crowd of over 100, and beer and snacks to close the day some 4 hours later. This was a great event in an incredible Victorian venue, the Café Royal located in the heart of London’s West End. Pictures to be posted shortly.

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  1. Outstanding as always, Mr. Forta!!
    Lets hope for a repeat at some of your upcoming gigs in Hartford, So. MD and Detroit!!

  2. Yeah, it’s a fantastic venue. I blew an interview in spectacular style there when I’d just finished Uni many years back.
    Hope so see you north of the border soon Mr Forta 🙂

  3. Great talk yesterday. Just one question: How did you do the little combo box in the Outlook example?
    Basically a cfselect that you can also type into like a text field? Is this possible with CFMX 7?
    If only you had been allowed more time!!

  4. Yes, I agree with Ed and the others. I’m never dissapointed going to any of your MM sessions.
    I was especially impressed with the SMS integration/gateway features.
    I’m looking forward to do a rewrite of an old uni dissertation/proof-of-concept on the subject (targetting multiple mobile clients using SMS/J2ME/WAP) this time written in a few lines of CFML!!!

  5. Thanks for that info Ben. That feature seems to have been missed from the tag editors and other cfmx7 docs? Or is it just me!!

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