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It’s no secret that my various public sites have been running on various beta, alpha, and even pre-alpha builds of ColdFusion MX 7 for a long time now. I’ve actually had lots of different builds running at the same time. Well, last night I made some time to do a clean CFMX7 install, and thankfully the process was almost painless.
The first thing I did was back up my CF Admin settings (including data sources and mappings) to a CAR file.
I then uninstalled JRun4 and all CF instances (not entirely necessary, I know, but I had so many bits of different installs laying around that I thought it best to start from scartch). When I was done I checked the Windows Services and found a couple of left over entries (hey, uninstalling alphas and betas is seldom a clean process), so a quick RegEdit was needed to kill those.
Then I run the ColdFusion installer. It threw an error about needing to specify a different install location, and a quick MM Forums search explained that that was caused by a corrupt installer. So I downloaded the installer again, and this time it worked.
I did a new install (not an upgrade), using the JRun + ColdFusion option, as this way I’d have the Instance Manager installed too.
I then restored the CAR file, and recreated a single JVM setting change that I had made previously.
And that was it. Everything seems to be working properly, and I have a clean install to work from. Total time involved, under half an hour.
I love it when stuff works the way it is supposed to!

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  1. Michael van Leest Avatar
    Michael van Leest

    I had only 1 small problem with reinstalling everything…
    When I redeployed the CAR fil in CFMX 7, my MS Access databases gave a strange ODBC error when I checked all my DSN’s.This was only for MS access and not for MS SQL databases. For some kind of reason, I needed to set the buffer size of some databases higher and viola it works again. Do you have any idea with this could be?? I even have this when I insert a new MS Access DSN. (The cfexplorer DSN from the getting started section, also access, wasn’t installed with the installation, probably due the same odbc error).
    Any ideas what this could be?? I have already send a bug about this.

  2. Mark Ireland Avatar
    Mark Ireland

    When I ran the cfmx 7 installer it died at about 30%
    This happened on an appache 2/JRun4 machine and a IIS machine.

  3. Steve Ray Avatar
    Steve Ray

    Hey Ben, I’ve been having problems with InstallShield asking for a different install location. I’ve downloaded the upgrade (Windows version) twice, and still no go. I saw something about InstallShield having a problem with version 1.4.2_03-b02 of the JVM, so I uninstalled that, and rebooted. Still no go. I’ll have to find that Forums discussion you mentioned. Thanks.

  4. Richard Avatar

    Painless install? My second attempt to install CFMX7 hangs on "Import Settings" for hours. This win 2003 box ran CF 6.1 without issue.

  5. Steve Ray Avatar
    Steve Ray

    I finally got mine to work last night. That corrupted download problem is a killer. Also, when the upgrade finished, it told me to locate the uninstall script for 6.1, and run it. When I did that, it not only uninstalled 6.1, but it blew away the CFIDE directory for 7, and messed up it’s connection to Apache. I had to blow everything away and reinstall 7 in order to get everything working as it should. But, I’m a happy camper now.

  6. Tom Lebel Avatar
    Tom Lebel

    Had the same Access datasource problem as above. SQL Server and Oracle were fine, but after deploying the car in 7, Access gave an odd error. My solution was to open each one, submit and it was fine. Very odd, need to find the real answer before I try this on a production server.

  7. Alec Moustris Avatar
    Alec Moustris

    The installer hangs after the final pre-intallation summary. I hit the button install and nothing happens. Only the directory Coldfusion7 is created with the subdirectory "uninstall" and nothing in it. I have already CF6.1 installed and try to upgrade, to migrate or somelthing like this (I would like to understand what I’m doing. The manual says that CF6.1 can coexist with CF7 . I follow your instructions in respect) keeping the default settings of the installer (C:ColdFusion7, IIS, Allwebsites, C:Inetpubwwwroot, etc). I have read all the release notes and hot issues and no solution. Can anybody help?
    I don’ have antivirus installed nor Dell openmanager. The only security is McAfee personal firewall. I have tried the installation from the CD Ihave just order , and after the failure I tried from from the downloadable file (I checked the size and it is correct). I give permissions "read" to everyone for the "C:"
    Platform: windows 2003 server SP1

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