Looking For CFMX7 Sites

Lots of you write to let me know about ColdFusion powered sites that you run into, and I share many of those finds via this blog. But now I have a request. I’d like to know of any sites that you run into that are using CFMX7 features (reports, document generation, Flash Forms, etc.). Of course, any and all finds are appreciated, but if you come across (or you yourself deploy) a CFMX7 powered site, please let me know so I can share it with the world. Thanks!

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  1. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield is running on CFMX 7 (although it’s not yet taking advantage of any new features – our back end systems rely heavily on the JMS event gateway).

  2. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    The ScottishCFUG is giving away a copy of CFMX7 next month, so with any luck we’ll have someone to report soon enough.

  3. Claude Englebert Avatar
    Claude Englebert is a belgian based hosting company offering now Coldfusion MX 7 solutions. And our website is running on this platform, taking advantage of rich forms and CFDOCUMENT to pre-fill order documents.

  4. Bing Avatar

    Hi Ben:
    Though I have not developed the new webpage with ColdFusion 7.0 yet,but I wrote a new article of ColdFusion 7.0 recently, you can look at here:

  5. James Edmunds Avatar
    James Edmunds

    The search facility at my weblog Poor Clio ( now offers suggested alternative search terms for low- or no-results searches, thanks to CFMX 7’s new Verity features.

  6. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    LOL! I’m working on a contract for a bank in Brisbane (over 1,300 kilometres from home – I live near Canberra) and they are still on NT 4.0/Office 97.
    They ARE running CFMX 6.1 however so it isn’t all bad. Can’t wait to get home to my PC and start using CF7 myself.

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