Learn More About ColdFusion MX 7

If you’d like to learn more about the new ColdFusion MX 7, here are links to several online articles that you may find useful:

More links to follow.

8 responses to “Learn More About ColdFusion MX 7”

  1. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    Lots of good stuff. First day back at work and I’ve binned everything so I can play with this stuff instead.
    It’s worth getting in trouble for 🙂

  2. Koen De Paepe Avatar
    Koen De Paepe

    When will CFMX 7 will be available for DEVNET subscribers ?

  3. Justin Avatar

    So, Ben! When can we expect to see some CFMX 7 books from you? And can you say when Macromedia will be offering training?

  4. Tim Avatar

    forget it – the damned thing costs $6K – that excludes me, my CF development shop, my small side-hosting business, and most of my clients from being able to even consider or dream about using this product.

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Tim, pricing has not changed at all. Developer Edition is still free, and Standard is still $1300.

  6. Toby Avatar

    Tim has a point though, which is that the majority of the "killer app" features of CFMX 7 are only in the enterprise edition. Flash forms, better reporting tools, and more powerful Verity searching (is this included in the Standard edition?) are nice, but don’t offer our shop as much as the enterprise features do.
    We already have well developed infrastructure for building forms that would have to be completely overhauled to build Flash versions (and I’ve never been terribly impressed with Flash forms — a well built/designed HTML form is just as practical), we’ve never had particular difficulties creating reports for customers, so realistically enhanced searching is the only really interesting feature in CFMX 7 that I know of right now that could be used by our company.

  7. Paul Avatar

    Already purchased CFMX 7 EE – great stuff now, greater stuff down the road with more documentation and community involvement. As a side comment to Tim – is $6000 really that much when considering the possibility of sourceless deployment? I guess maybe I write applications for a different class of client, but this actually lets me be much more profitable in my own business… previously I essentially charged my clients a premium because they had to essentially either be married to me and my hosting of their apps, or pay me not only for my product, but all rights associated because I had to provide source to them, in addition they had to buy a full copy of CF Server and requisite OS/DB related software. Now I can ask the same amount, but provide them with a cheaper implementation (depending on their choice of J2EE server that is), AND resell the same work to similar clients while maintaining a ‘chokehold’ on later changes, upgrades, etc… That $6K will pay for itself in less than 5 weeks by my estimate. And since you can learn, develop, troubleshoot, etc.. on the free DevEd – just make your client buy it for you when you bill them for the finished product. 😉

  8. anwar Avatar

    Concise problem statement: Server Hangs up after generating 1 PDF document, unable to proceed further to generate more PDF document.
    Steps to reproduce bug:
    1. There are 2 CFC – First CFC collects data from Database using Cfquery tag and Passes this data to Second CFC,
    Second CFC outputs the Data in PDF format using CFDOCUMENT tag.
    More Details are as follows
    2. First CFC :
    a. A query fetches 100 records from Database
    <cfquery name="getUserCert" datasource="#DSN#">
    b. CFSAVECONTENT tag is used to save data generated inside CFLOOP tag which loops over above query,
    <cfsaveContent variable="variables.SavedContent">
    <cfloop query="getUserCert"> <!—- 100 times —->
    Dynamic content goes here…
    c. This data is passed over to Second CFC
    3. Second CFC :
    a. This CFC uses CFDOCUMENT tag to convert the #SavedContent#
    <cfdocument format="pdf" margintop="0" marginleft="0" marginright="0" marginbottom="0" name="variables.pdfOutput">
    b. PDF content are displayed on browser, usinf CFCONTENT
    <cfcontent variable="#variables.pdfOutput#" type="application/pdf" reset="Yes">
    4. And the PDF data amounts to 30 pages (size 340KB).
    Results: 1. First page generates PDF (30 pages) without any issues.
    2. However, when we attempt to regerate PDF again Server Hangs up and PDF does not get generated.
    Expected results:
    1. PDF should be generated as many times as requested. It should not hang up in between.
    Also, there is no bug in the code. So, it should not limit the creation of PDF’s.
    This seems to be Memory Management Issue in CF server JVM.
    Please advice solution for above issue.

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