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  1. The only plans right now are to provide VTM files for support for new CFML tags, nothing else at this time.

  2. Any idea if we’ll be able to get tag updates for previous versions of dreamweaver MX? I can’t seem to get the VTM’s to install with Dreamweaver 6.1. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade to 2004.

  3. Has anyone had success installing this update as per the instructions?
    After doing it my Help Table Of Contents is gone.
    I found the booktree.xml was not well fomed – i made some minor text changes which made no difference.
    Also the instructions refer to a tag on the lastline of booktree.xml which does not exist or they used the wrong name.
    Also the tag definitions are missing CFTRACE tag.

  4. I’m sorry. I didn’t follow the instructions properly (and the tag was named corectly). Help TOC is back!
    However, changing the XML to be well formed makes it look nicer 🙂 and CFTRACE is still missing. I’m happy again.

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