Integration Developer News is running a story about a University of Illinois Java-based OpenEAI project, an Open Source alternative to expensive and proprietary ERP/EAI middleware solutions. For the story, Integration Developer News interviewed Stephen Wheat and Tod Jackson, founders of the OpenEAI Software Foundation and enterprise architects for Administrative IT at UoI. There’s lots to read in the story, but the quote that caught my attention was this one (made while discussing “but what if JMS is not used?”):
“With OpenEAI, Wheat also said he had ColdFusion developers working to build integration functionality. ‘Because ColdFusion can use Java objects, we had those developers using Java objects just like any Java developers. We could expose an API that lets them call and perform an action and call the method,’ Wheat added.”
Someone who gets it! That’s truly worth blogging.

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  1. It is funny what kind of posts generate the most comments. If you had said "Bush sucks" or "abortion kills" or "if two people love each other they should be able to get married" or "if six people love each other they should be able to get married" or any version of "your politics suck", there would be no shortage of comments. Go figure.
    I only sorta get it…but I have long felt ColdFusion should be marketed to the Java community as a RAD JAVA tool.
    I look forward to meeting you some day. Any plans to come to Maryland?
    PS Thanks for the spell check. Nice touch.

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