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ColdFusion “Blackstone” will be available this quarter. But if you jus can’t wait, and need more information right now, the JaxFusion site has compiled a list of just about every Blackstone related article and post found anywhere.

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  1. noname Avatar

    Our fiscal is April 1st. I was wondering if you new the exact date of when it is being released. If there is a way to pre-order, and maybe an indication of how much an upgrade is going to cost.

  2. barry.b Avatar

    Hi Ben:
    any more links on application events?
    things like:
    will "OnApplicationStart" guarentee RACE conditions would be avoided if, say, you were creating a CFC in applicaiton scope? (if an application-based CFC was created in this event, since it only happens once, there wouldn’t be a need to lock the application scope?). would this apply to OnSessionStart too?
    no mention of CFQUERY enhancements. does this mean that, qry.isLast(), etc will still remain "undocumented" and therefore risky to use?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I can’t comment on ship dates yet, but it is now *very soon* instead of just *soon* 🙂 We have not announced pricing yet, but I believe you may be able to buy a subscription now so as to get it as soon as it ships. Check with your sales rep.
    Barry, for your first question I’ll be posting more shortly, and for your second question I believe that it remains as is and unchanged.

  4. Mike Rankin Avatar
    Mike Rankin

    Is this just a release for Blackstone, or can we expect an update to the whole developer product stack (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Homesite+, Freehand)
    I think I saw a pretty cool demo of the next flash player, too. When do you think we will see that?

  5. Calvin Ward Avatar
    Calvin Ward

    Thanks for blogging this!
    According to the Third Quarter Fiscal 2005 Earnings Presentation at ,Blackstone should be released this quarter, and for Macromedia I believe this quarter ends on March 31, 2005.
    – Calvin

  6. Brandon Harper Avatar
    Brandon Harper

    Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about the internal functions you mentioned changing. Keep in mind MX 7 is "built on MX 6 technology with bug fixes and performance enhancements", which I interpret to mean that they have no reason to alter what ColdFusion uses internally for core functionality, including the query libraries, as it’s already stable and robust.

  7. John Avatar

    I’m keen to understand if Homesite+ is being updated for Blackstone. There was a lot of badwill generated when MX came to be and there was so much confusion over Dreamweaver and how to get Homesite+, at least for those of us who used Homesite. Is it going to be the same for this go?

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Mike – nope, no release of the DW/Flash/Fireworks products at this time, probably not until fall or later.
    John – Homesite+ is not being released at this time. No idea if one is even being worked on, though I doubt it. If we are lucky more enhancements will come to DW04. I’ve heard rumors though that some VTML updates for Homesite/CF Studio are being worked on and should be available sometime around CF release.

  9. Anonymous Coward Avatar
    Anonymous Coward

    There is definitely an update for both Dreamweaver and Homesite+ for the changes introduced with the next release of ColdFusion. The Dreamweaver update is built as an extension, so it just updates your existing install of Dreamweaver. I think the Homesite+ patch is essentially the same thing, although I think you have to manually replace the existing vtms and help files in your current install.

  10. barry.b Avatar

    re: undocumented query features still *undocumented* in blackstone.
    I’d get shot by the boss for using them because they aren’t kosher – but they would make my life a lot easier.
    I mean, all they are is the same old recordset functionality MS had for ADO _six years ago_.
    please MACR: bite the bullet and sanction them … otherwise, CFQUERY still remains the weakest link…

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