Ray Camden To Lead CF Macrochat On Page Caching

A Macrochat entitled “Partial Page Caching in ColdFusion MX” Macrochat has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 16, 2005, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM US/Eastern.
Ray Camden will lead this discussion on creating a CF tag for partial page caching of information. Ray is the Director of Development for Mindseye, Inc., a Team Macromedia member and Macromedia User Group manager, and co-author of my upcoming book on ColdFusion “Blackstone”.
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2 responses to “Ray Camden To Lead CF Macrochat On Page Caching”

  1. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    OK… I am attending the MicroChat… but since you brought up the book. Let’s ask that one before the chat. CF7 is shipping… how are the books coming? Is the Microchat slowing up the book? (kidding there… can wait a day longer for the chat!)

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    John, the book (CFWACK, that is) is done, and is being printed right now.

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