February 15th UK User Group Presentation

I don’t have details yet, but Macromedia U.K. is arranging a user group event in the U.K., and I’ll use the opportunity to present Blackstone. Tentative date is February 15th. I have no more details beyond that, but I’ll post them as soon as I do (as I will when other European venues are confirmed).

4 responses to “February 15th UK User Group Presentation”

  1. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    Though I won’t get my hopes up (mainly because I haven’t heard squat), let’s hope they remember that there’s more than 1 ColdFusion user group in the UK.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Andy, I have no idea which group they are talking about, but you may want to ping your local MM contact, or e-mail me directly and I’ll put you in touch with someone.

  3. Mark Drew Avatar
    Mark Drew

    Do you know if the event will be in London? Would be great to finally attend one of these!

  4. Matt Avatar

    info can be found here:

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