CNN/Money: ColdFusion Ubiquitous

CNN/Money has a story on Macromedia and market reactions to earnings reports. But the line that caught my attention reads “Macromedia, the maker of such ubiquitous Web authoring tools as ColdFusion, DreamWeaver, and Flash …”. ColdFusion ubiquitous – I like the sound of that one. 🙂

5 responses to “CNN/Money: ColdFusion Ubiquitous”

  1. Antony Avatar

    We have a new ‘Exhibit One’ in the ‘Why should we use ColdFusion instead of (ASP,PHP…)?’ debate.
    I hope somebody downloads that article for safe keeping…

  2. Rick Root Avatar
    Rick Root

    Unfortunately, Coldfusion itself is no such thing. Dreamweaver and Flash – yes, they are everywhere. Nobody would accuse coldfusion of being anywhere close to everywhere. It just got lumped into the group with Flash and Dreamweaver.
    I don’t mean to sound negative, but it’s the truth. I love CF .. I wish there were more people at Duke using CF, but it’s pretty much just my little department and the school of medicine admissions office.

  3. Aidan Sherrin Avatar
    Aidan Sherrin

    Unfortunatly I have to agree with Rick on this one. I love ColdFusion but it is far from ubiquitous. Great marketing nevertheless….

  4. noname Avatar

    I beg to differ because it’s all relative. I believe ColdFusion is ubiquitous, but only in places with money to spend. I always find that if a place has a couple grand to spend on web servers and web software, you most likely will find a ColdFusion license in the mix too. In places that are under budget constraints, or in places with no budget at all, you surely can’t expect ColdFusion to be there.
    ColdFusion is like a luxury car. Not everybody has one, but I bet you probably know someone that does.

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    There is a lot of ColdFusion out there, far more than most people are aware of (primarily because so much of it is not public facing). But have said that, I don’t think I’d have used the word ubiquitous myself. I’d not use it for ASP, JSP, or PHP either for that matter. But hey, who am I to argue with CNN/Money? 🙂

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