CFLunch and CFUG in Chicago

I attended a CFLunch today. What is a CFLunch? As mentioned in a prior post, a CFLunch is a regularly scheduled lunchtime get together for ColdFusion folks, less structured and formal than a CFUG, a good way to chat, with lunch included. Today’s CFLunch in Chicago was attended by over 20 participants (3 of whom flew in from Cleveland for the lunch and the evening’s CFUG), and the chat topics varied from the job market to CSS questions to discussing the value of certification and more. I was very impressed with the event, and would encourage other cities to do the same (I was told that Denver is next).
This evening I got the chance to present to a combined session of the Chicago CFUG and MMUG. I used the time to discuss Macromedia Flex, and gave an introduction, showed lots of examples, and build a small app incrementally to demonstrate how it all works. Lots of good questions (about Flex and Blackstone), and lots of giveaways too. I remembered to bring my camera this time, and will post pics shortly.

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  1. Adam Howitt Avatar
    Adam Howitt

    Thanks for the write up Ben and thanks for coming along! On the note of other cities getting CFLunch meetings together, I am finalizing the architecture for the rest of the site today such that other groups can register their events. If there are features you would like to see on the site, please email me at
    Until the new features launch on the site, you can email me the details of an upcoming cflunch to see it listed on the site.

  2. Zach Stepek Avatar
    Zach Stepek

    Thanks again for answering my Blackstone questions during the event. The Flex docs helped me figure out my combo box binding problems. Looking forward to reading the new WACK 🙂

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