Lots of U.K. ColdFusion Users

John Beynon blogged an entry about Goss Interactive, a U.K. company who has created a CMS named iCM. The cool part of the post was a link to the iCM client list which includes 30 local government authorities, health agencies, utilities, educational institutions, and more. That’s a lot of ColdFusion in use in the U.K.!

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  1. Neil Middleton Avatar
    Neil Middleton

    I am amazed that you sound that suprised about the levels of CF in the UK. I am well aware of a vibrant CF Community here, mainly though the UKCFUG, but also through companies using the product, 2nd Byte (my daytime haunt), National Express, Friends Reunited and various councils to name just but a few. I also have evidence of Sun Microsystems using Coldfusion internally.
    Surely from your trips to the CFUG in London you are aware of this?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Neil, no, not surprised at all, just really pleased to see it. It’s just that we disproportionately hear about U.S. uses, so any non-U.S. find is something to be shared. Thanks for the additional names.

  3. johnb Avatar

    Ben, I guess MM wouldn’t be willing to publish a sales count of CF installs/sales across their various regions would they? There’s plenty of % increase’s in the financial breezo’s but no real handle for install/sales count for CF alone.
    …or can you not answer that question? 🙂

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