ColdFusion Helps Spread Vegemite

Vegemite. Australia’s answer to Marmite (the stuff Brits spread on toast while Americans take a sniff and stare in utter disbelief). The spread mentioned in Men At Work’s “Down Under” (as in “I said, Do you speak-a my language? He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich”). Yep, that Vegemite. Vegemite is now owned by Kraft Foods, and the official Vegemite web site is powered by ColdFusion MX (and Fusebox). Thanks to Paul Hastings for this one.

12 responses to “ColdFusion Helps Spread Vegemite”

  1. Daniel Dura Avatar
    Daniel Dura

    And this is a good thing!? I lived in New Zealand for two years, and could barely force myself to eat an ounce of that stuff. Bleh! 😀

  2. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    Vegemite is to Australians what Marmite is to Brits and what Peanut Butter is to Americans.
    Most Brits can’t stand peanut butter, most Americans can’t stand Marmite or Vegemite. Not sure where the Australians stand on this but I suspect it just has to be something you grow up with…

  3. JesterXL Avatar

    I was forced to take with me 3 packs of the stuff back in MXDU 2003. It was lamented again and again by the Aussie’s I was hanging with. However, after hearing about how they get tourists with dropbears, and another mentioned vegamite, I’ve been scared since the day I left. I put it in cryogenic stasis in my office in case the Apocolypse comes, I’ll have SOMETHING to eat. I figure nothing could taste bad at that point.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Jesse, I am unclear. Are you saying you love the stuff or …? Don’t be shy pal, tell us how you really feel about it. 😉

  5. JesterXL Avatar

    Well, the pure intensity Sam and Steve and the others put force towards it really… frightened me. I get nervous when people are uncharacteristically enthusiastic about something, and urge you to suddenly get involved. This false sense of security permeates my distrust, and I slowly back away, making sure to look like I can defend myself.
    In this case, I merely stated, "Why thank you, I look forward to it!" I guess if Geoff Bowers of Daemon says its cool, then it’s cool… but I’m scared to go into my freezer and try it. I’ll do it when I go in February, when nobody’s watching.

  6. Darryl Lyons Avatar
    Darryl Lyons

    Vegemite is an acquired taste I would think. As for Peanut Butter, it is pretty popular down here. But hey, we have beetroot on our hamburgers 🙂

  7. Scott Barnes Avatar
    Scott Barnes

    Nearly every morning, i get to work, buy 2 pieces of thick toast + vegimite sit at my desk, spread it on light (i like it, but i don’t lick large amounts of it) and eat away.
    Its actually originated from some left over crap via brewery (forget which).
    Its popular in Australia and one stage it was our Icon, but i think its not exactly Australian owned anymore – I remember some campaign where Aussies were getting together to save our icons (Arnotts Biscuits etc).
    At anyrate, its popular and its our actual cliche thats true… not SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE…or everyone walking around saying "G’day Mate".. we do say ‘G’Day, which is fast for Good Day’ but thats not always constant.
    As for Peanut Butter, made by KRAFT aswell and yes, just as popular as Vegimite. I don’t get the whole Peanut Butter + Jelly Concept (we call your jelly, JAM..) that combination is weird.

  8. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    The problem is people put too much on (like it was jam or something). You just have a small scraping.
    Us OzMMUG managers gave Ed Sullivan some to take at MXDU 2004 and I hear he loves the stuff (not ;)).

  9. JesterXL Avatar

    omg Scott, dude, PB & J is like so normal! You seriously don’t have peanut butter & jam there? Holy phish! Lemme hook up you at the conference, then.

  10. PaulH Avatar

    it’s perfectly awful, hideous stuff & i regularly eat fermented fish 😉

  11. Kai Avatar

    Jesse, even I like it, which is a miracle after being neither Brit nor Aussie or American. I’m sure you’ll give it a try in Feb and I’m taking a pic of that moment 😉

  12. Joe Rinehart Avatar
    Joe Rinehart

    Vegemite might not be tasty, but it has uses in masonry and construction. Makes good mortar in a pinch.

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