Really Proud of Macromedia

I love my job, care about the products I am involved in, and thoroughly enjoy working for Macromedia. But I have never been prouder of the company than I am now.
Yesterday an e-mail from Sankalp Saxena, Managing Director of Macromedia India, was sent to all Macromedia employees worldwide. The message described the unspeakable tragedy that devastated parts of Asia this week, and initiated a fund drive, requesting that donations be made to the International Relief Fund via the American Red Cross. And the part that made me proud was Macromedia’s pledged to match all donations. Amidst all the pain this week, a beacon of kindness, compassion, and giving, shines through.

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  1. Rene Avatar

    Well, your a good man

  2. andre lucking Avatar
    andre lucking

    Thanks for sharing Ben. Your story has inspired:

  3. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Indeed Ben it is very good of Macromedia. I have made mention at my site (
    Apart from that I am a bit upset at the….
    Peter Tilbrook

  4. David Avatar

    After the disaster my employer sent out an e-mail reminding all employees about their charitable giving matching plan. I donated to Doctors Without Borders and my employer matched each of my dollars with two of theirs. I don’t yet know how much will accumulate from the combined effect of my co-workers and the matching program but I too am proud. Also glad that I can buy lots of Macromedia tools for my department.

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