Use ColdFusion To Donate A Phone, Help Out, and Get a Tax Deduction Too

I was clearing out an office cupboard yesterday and discovered my collection of formerly used cell-phones (various networks, vendors, shapes, and sizes). As many of you know, I tend to switch phones rather frequently, and this is apparently where the older ones had been deposited.
Rather than throw them out I did a Google search to see if any charity could use them, and discovered The Wireless Foundation, which (as stated on the home page) “initiates and oversees philanthropic programs that utilize wireless technology to help American communities”. One of their programs “collects wireless phones to benefit victims of domestic violence. Proceeds from the sale of phones help fund agencies that fight domestic violence and are also used to support the educational efforts of the Wireless Foundation. Other phones are refurbished and become lifelines for domestic violence victims when faced with an emergency situation.”
Exactly what I was looking for, somewhere to send my phones where they can help others. (And I get a tax deduction to boot).
Oh, and I was particularly pleased to see that the sites are powered by ColdFusion MX. (All the more reason to support them, right?).

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