Treo 650 Gets Bluetooth Update

As many Treo 650 buyers have discovered, that device does not work with most Bluetooth equipped cars (including my own Acura TL). The reason for this is that the 650 supports the Bluetooth headset profile (used by most headsets) but not the handsfree profile (used by most cars).
Last week, palmOne released an update for the Treo 650, one that adds Bluetooth handsfree profile support. If you have bought the 650, and use Bluetooth, you’ll want this update. This is good news indeed, especially considering the small but growing number of us that are making Bluetooth support part of the car buying decision process.

2 responses to “Treo 650 Gets Bluetooth Update”

  1. Yacoubean Avatar

    So do you have a Treo 650, or are you planning to get one? I know you’ve stated in the past that you don’t like PDA/Phones, but I’ve been drooling over the Treo line for years. My wife has a 300 and only had a couple of complaints. Those have been fixed in the 600+ line.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I almost got one, until the Bluetooth issues were disclosed, and then I shelved the idea. Now I am unsure. I don’t care for the form factor (I’ve played with a few), and care less for the software, but the features are very compelling. And I still am waiting for my Sony Ericsson p910a to show up. When I have had the chance to play with that I’ll make a final decision.

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