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  1. It’s not often the prize for 1st runner-up has a value greater than the prize for the winner!
    * Winner: Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 Personal Audio System ($99.00 Value)
    * 1st runner-up: 1-Year Free Hosting from MG1Hosting.com ($119.40 Value)
    * 2nd runner-up: 6-Months Free Hosting from MG1Hosting.com ($59.70 Value)

  2. Hope this isn’t seen as ‘spamming’ (not my intention, but if it’s deemed inappropriate please feel free to remove)…but easycfm.com is currently holding a tutorial sweepstakes as well. Any CF tutorial submitted between Dec 15 and Jan 15 will be eligible. Winner will be determined by open voting after the Jan 15 deadline. Prize is a 40GB ipod.

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