Macworld Reports That A New ColdFusion Is On The Way

Yesterday I blogged a CNET story on Blackstone, a story from August which I misread as being new. Well, just did the same thing, and is running a short news story on Blackstone pointing to that same CNET article. I guess they must use AltaVista too.
Worth noting, is a ColdFusion powered site, running ColdFusion MX (on Windows – Macworld, Windows, hummm).

11 responses to “Macworld Reports That A New ColdFusion Is On The Way”

  1. Ryan Guill Avatar
    Ryan Guill

    how can you tell that they are using windows to run coldfusion?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Go to, type in a domain name, and you’ll see what software they appear to be running.

  3. Ryan Guill Avatar
    Ryan Guill

    now this is quite interesting, thanks ben for introducing me to it. btw, i typed in and, and they are running gws/2.1 and gfe/1.3 respectively. ive never heard of those servers… but they are running on solaris

  4. Barneyb Avatar

    GWS and GFE are custom in-house products that the Google team developed for their own uses. Insanly optimized for their specific task, and consequently unsuitable for any other task. When you’ve got a much traffic as they’ve got, every millisecond counts.

  5. Ryan Guill Avatar
    Ryan Guill

    that is amazing, they developed their own webserver. guess if it doesnt do what you want it to, you have no one to blame but yourself at that point. Where did you find this information? a google search doesnt offer much help

  6. Barneyb Avatar

    It’s called the Google Web Server (GWS), so I inferred that it was a custom solution. 😉
    When you get right down to it, a web server’s not all that complex, especially a purpose-specific one (as opposed to something like Apache which is designed for flexibility). You can whip one up in Java with probably less than 200 lines of code that’ll serve static pages and run perl scripts. It’s not going to be fast, but the task of mapping URIs to either the filesystem or to a executable is pretty simple.

  7. Barneyb Avatar

    Ben, just an idea, but can the email that goes out to commenters contain a link back to the entry the comment was made on? Save having to go find it manually if you want to return.

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    When I upgrade to Ray’s newer blog code it’ll do that. Only reason I haven’t is that he changed all IDs to UUIDs and that would break lots and lots of links.

  9. Carlos Balacuit Avatar
    Carlos Balacuit

    I presume they are hosting it on a Windows server, since ColdFusion MX on MacOS X is supported "For development purposes only." (CFMX – for MacOS X, on an Xserve… Hummm)

  10. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Carlos, yep, as per Netcraft it is indeed a Windows box.

  11. Garry Avatar

    Well no wonder they are using ColdFusion on Windows….. Macromedia doesn’t support an OSX version????!
    As a CF Guru who has some pull with Macromedia, why don’t you change this?
    I hope this wasn’t a jab at Mac users Ben. We could all learn a little from Mac interface designers… especially when typical database driven web sites are quite "ugly"…. even this one.

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