If All Else Fails, I Could Get Into The Spam Business

When I first heard the words “Desperate Housewives” (on a TV ad for that show) my initial reaction was “sounds like the kind of subject line that my spam filter should trap”. An sure enough, I was just going through my spam filter logs and there it is, a whole bunch of messages with the subject “Desperate Housewives”. Too funny.

2 responses to “If All Else Fails, I Could Get Into The Spam Business”

  1. Darryl Lyons Avatar
    Darryl Lyons

    Just thank god the spam wasn’t Desperate Househusbands!

  2. Alex Sherwood Avatar
    Alex Sherwood

    What spam filter do you use?
    BTW, Desperate Housewives is a darned good show. A little on the racy side it times, but very, very entertaining. But then again, the same could be said for Oprah’s show or Dr. Phil….well, except for the entertaining part! 😉

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