CFEclipse is a CFML plug-in for Eclipse (the popular open-source Java IDE originally created by IBM, and now managed by the Eclipse Foundation). The CFEclipse plug-in provides Eclipse with CFML awareness and functionality (code completion, syntax highlighting, code insight, language help, CFC method outline viewing, code problem previewing, and more). I have been using it on and off for a few weeks now, and while it is definitely a work-in-progress, it is also very good (and surprisingly responsive). For more info visit, and for a good getting -started overview visit

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  1. I switched to Eclipse after I could not get DW to work with UTF-16 encoded XML files. No matter what it corrupted them. Moving to Eclipse was painless and familiar (like CFStudio/Homesite+but with Unicode support). BTW the XML plug-in from is worth checking out.

  2. I use DW and CFE side-by-side. I use DW for all my UI work and some site management stuff (FTP/SFTP) and I use CFE for all my CFC work.

  3. pretty much exactly the same as me Sean – I haven’t got to grips with FTP from Eclipse so still use DW for sync’ing sites and GET/PUTs

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