Billboards That Communicate With You Via IR And Now Bluetooth

U.K. company Hypertag is selling an innovate electronic billboard, one that encourages user interaction by sending messages to nearby mobile devices. As per the web site, “It works by allowing infra-red mobile phones, and PDAs (e.g. Palm Pilots or Pocket PCs) to interact with a small electronic tag which is attached to the advert or sign. To use the system, you enable the infra-red port on your mobile phone and point lights. You wait a few seconds, and then a piece of content will be downloaded to your phone. This can be a word and number, a prompt to remind you of an important event, a picture, ring tone or game.” Hypertag has been available for a while now, but yesterday Netimperative reported that Bluetooth support is being added (see Cool stuff.

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  1. philox Avatar

    Cool but Kameleon Technologies, web site:, is doing interactive billboards with an enhanced Bluetooth since a year. The four years research on Bluetooth allowed to enhance the speed of connection (50ms), the battery life of the emetter which can work 2 years on a battery supply and most of all the "one click" access to content. And it doesn’t have the risk of damaging the brand image as the content download is consumer driven.

  2. rharker Avatar

    We would like to point out that Hypertag interactive poster campaigns are run for and on behalf of major brand advertisers, and are designed to deliver a positive brand experience for every person who interacts. In practice this means that mobile content offered through a Hypertag is always interesting, useful, informative and entertaining.

  3. philox Avatar

    I tried yesterday one of your posters in Paris in the 9th quarter and I had some disagreements:
    1 – The billboard is 3 metre high: you have to be a giant like me to put your mobile in the line of sight of the infrared signal
    2 – The billboard says that you can download 4 different goodies but I tried it three times ands the three times I receive 8 sec of a song! Interesting!

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