Accoona Disappoints, Should Be Worried

Accoona ( is the latest search engine that is going to change our lives. Or not. Accoona uses AI based technology that allows you to rate the relative weight of each word in your search, so as to be able to fine-tune searching. Accoona proudly call this “SuperTarget”, and of course have trademarked the term “SuperTargeted”. Why you’d need AI to filter data using relative weighting beats me, but so be it.
I tried a few searches yesterday, and the results were rather pathetic. A search for “coldfusion” listed 5 paid results first, and then pages and pages of results (most were different pages at the same sites over and over) before I found the Macromedia ColdFusion product page. So I tried “Macromedia ColdFusion”, a bit better, this time the product page was in the middle of 4th results page. I tried a few more searches before giving up, and no matter what I tried, the results were anything but intelligent.
Oh, and the name “Accoona” supposedly comes from Hakuna Matata (as in Disney’s The Lion King, “it means no worries …”). Silly, I know (especially as if I were them I’d be worrying big time).

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  1. Gus Avatar

    This search engine is downright comical!
    I can’t think of a single search engine EVER that provided worse results.
    On the other hand, some how they have advertisers.
    Go figure!

  2. tony Avatar

    It’s easy to get advertisers. All you have to do is sign up with a provider like, or what not. Then you just hit their XML.

  3. tony Avatar

    BTW they are using overture for their advertisers.

  4. peter Avatar

    You may have missed the point. Accoona is a specialized search engine focused on commercial results as opposed to the more academically slanted commerce neutral and potentially useless results pumped out by the ‘standard’ search engines.
    For example – try searching for a coldfusion or flash developer. You will get myriad better results on Accoona whereas Google’s heavily mutated algorithm is now so fascistic towards commerce that it will almost certainly stifle any results of any real value in such a search.
    Clearly we are at a point of differentiation in search engine technology and there is a need to use a different algorithm dependent on the use of the information for which you search.

  5. John Dowdell Avatar
    John Dowdell

    Hmm… I’d like a little more meat on the "About" page and FAQ:
    I can understand how search engine vendors need to hold back information about their mechannics, because of the potential actions of both competitors and parasites, but knowing a bit of the "how" of it seems like it could help better set expectations…?

  6. Sir Seek Avatar
    Sir Seek

    I have designed a concept that uses AI but lets you decide which words to use from the AI. See <a href=""&gt; </a> and please give suggestions…

  7. Paulina Avatar

    I have a great story to share about Accoona!!! My Boss gave me a task to "call and get me a conf call so we can discuss a partnership etc…" I went to the site but could only find email addresses in their contact section…not good… no phone # I drilled further in the site and still no # to call… so what do I do? Go to Accoona business search!!! typed in Pricescan, retrieved their result (in first spot) on the Biz search result page, AND clicked on their Accoona QuickProfile… and voila,’s phone number, and location, etc… and I was able to reach a contact, speak to them, and fulfill my task, and set up a very important meeting!! The world is certainly a better place with Accoona!!! my "worries were over", Accoona… no worries

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