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  1. I’ve been using the quirky Sony-Ericsson T608 for Sprint, which also has Bluetooth. It works pretty well but the phone’s firmware isn’t real polished are there are a lot of bugs – this is the first phone I’ve had to "reboot" ever.
    The new LG phone does support Bluetooth, but doesn’t support OBEX which allows things like phone book synchronization and pulling pictures off the phone. It supports BT headsets, and can be used as a wireless modem although many users have reported that it has a ridiculously short 5 second inactivity timeout.

  2. Drew, unfortunately, the Treo 650 has lousy Bluetooth support, it cannot connect to the Acura HFL, the BMW integrated Bluetooth, and more. It is rumored that a software update for the 650 is in the works, but until then … it’s a shame (and the only reason I did not run out and buy the 650).

  3. I wonder if Verizon will get this phone? They have several other LG phones. I know they gutted BT support in the Moto v710 on release. I hope that consumer demand and the number portability issue drives them to reinstate it on the 710…

  4. I am curious as to whether anyone has actually used the new LG phone with the Acura HFL. I don’t want to sign up with Sprint to get this and then find out that, like the Trio, it does not work. Any thoughts appreciated.

  5. Just Got BMW 525. LG PM325 isn’t on its support list. LG PM325 isn’t on Palm T3 list. Sprint isn’t either. It is so sad… I can get PM325 to pair with BMW 525 and Palm T3. But they can’t do anything each other. What is the use?! I think I am going to return the phone tomorrow.

  6. AC, just got BMW 530 and most interested in hands free phone use in the car. Did the LG PM 325 work well for just that?

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