Blackstone and Data Types in ColdFusion Queries

ColdFusion Queries can be created using the QueryNew() function which takes a list of query columns (as a parameter, or by subsequent QueryAddColumn() calls). These queries are not typed, and this has created problems when using these queries (perhaps when querying queries). Blackstone solves this problem by allowing query columns to be typed, both QueryNew() and QueryAddColumn() accept an optional data type (which ideally should always be provided).

5 responses to “Blackstone and Data Types in ColdFusion Queries”

  1. Darryl Lyons Avatar
    Darryl Lyons

    This will be a great feature, and will solve a number of issues I currently have with some of my QofQ code.

  2. sporter Avatar

    Oh, man, this problem has annoyed me also. IMHO, this should be considered bug-fix and get back-ported as a hotfix to MX 6.1.

  3. Tjarko Avatar

    Only drawback is, you do know the type, but not the length allowed 🙁 If only that could be incorporated then I never had to write a form tag in my life.. I would dynamicly create all the logic around a table.
    But!!!! It’s a create feature and you can certainly use it in lot’s of ways..

  4. Andrew Price Avatar
    Andrew Price

    WOW cool, nice !!!

  5. Casey Avatar

    Does this mean Blackstone fixes CFMX’s poor support of Query of Queries?? I can’t believe what Macromedia did with that one! I’ve been fixing QofQ bugs like crazy going from CF5 to CFMX…

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