Hello from San Diego

I am in beautiful San Diego today, and just finished a series of ColdFusion related meetings with various Government agencies. I love spending time with Government ColdFusion users, the range of applications being built, and the spectrum of developers and skill-sets that make up the ColdFusion teams, never ceases to amaze me. I think that that is part of why ColdFusion so appeals to Government agencies, it is the one development platform that all sorts of users, regardless of experience and background, can be productive in.

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  1. Jon Avatar

    Welcome to SD, Ben. Dinner tonight in exchange for for some CF mentoring? I know all the good hotspots! Haha.

  2. Jason Graves Avatar
    Jason Graves

    Thanks Ben for coming to San Diego. I sorry you were only able to get 3.5 hrs sleep.
    I hope you have a happy holiday with your seven kids. Talk to you soon.
    Jason Graves

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