Breeze Saves The Day

I just spent 15 minutes helping a customer, he had a major deadline (building a ColdFusion application as a proof of concept) and was running into last-minute-just-before-demo glitches. He IMd me for help, I sent him to my Breeze room and gave him presenter privileges so I could see his screen, and in no time we had the issue resolved.
No, I am not offering free ongoing support via Breeze, sorry. But Breeze is such fun to play with that I could not resist sharing.
Oh, and if you want to drop by my Breeze room visit (I am not there all the time, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves).

4 responses to “Breeze Saves The Day”

  1. Mike Brunt Avatar
    Mike Brunt

    Yes Ben this is indeed a great use of Breeze. We do a lot of on-site work for Macromedia and we use Breeze for all of our engagements.

  2. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    I wrote up a shared design session that I hosted in my Breeze meeting a few weeks back:
    Drop in any time:

  3. Hans Omli Avatar
    Hans Omli

    Wonderful use of Breeze! I was going to follow up with you after our chat to ask that you let me know when you’re in the Seattle area next, but maybe I’ll request a Breeze meeting with you instead!

  4. Doug Avatar

    kewl for sure. I do this on my companies intranet using MSN messenger, just net meeting really.

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