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Washington Technology is running a piece today by S. Michael Gallagher about the need for rapid application development tools. He states that “While Web-based applications solved the problem of how to get applications to users and centrally maintain them, they presented new technical challenges for the rapid application development tools needed to build and deploy them. Often, applications had to be totally rewritten with another technology, such as Java or C++, before they could be put to high-volume use — and that was anything but rapid.” He then goes on to explain how ColdFusion can help, explaining that “tools such as … ColdFusion … let people with general IT skills create browser-based applications and even Web services, and deploy them on Java 2 Enterprise Edition application server — without ever having to write a line of Java code.” See

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  1. paul Avatar

    I can see how this could be good for Macromedia sales. But if anybody with ‘general IT skills’ can build the apps needed. Why should i bother continuing to develop in Coldfusion? How i can justify (or increase) the salary of a developer/programmer if the language i am most experienced with will ultimately be used by people with general IT skills? Yes i know "learn java" but you try and get a java job without any industry experience.

  2. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    Paul, ‘general IT skills’ people can write a web application (not only using CF, but many other products). But be sure that only the experienced ones can write a good application. No matter the tool, the language, but the quality of the code (in terms of performance, security, etc) and many other things that a person with ‘general IT skills’ can’t do.

  3. Tomas Avatar

    Good point Alex. The "general IT person" will introduce this "company" to CF. The company realizes how CF could help them build more complex applications, not like the simple report the "general IT person" created, and therefore call up Paul asking for his expertise in CF. More exposure for CF will guarantee more work for us developing in CF.
    I don’t know about other locations, but here in L.A. I have seen a sharp increase in CF jobs the last couple of months.

  4. "quote""quote" Avatar

    i think that " "general IT person&quot"that "build the apps needed" would realise that quotes dont quote well in this "comment" blog

  5. Tomas Avatar


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