Blackstone Dreamweaver Extensions #4

Dreamweaver supports the creation and use of ColdFusion Recordsets (essentially tags), listing returned columns as bindings which can subsequently be used in output code. Dreamweaver has been able to do this for a while, generating a single .cfm page containing both the query and the output code. One of the Blackstone Dreamweaver extensions enhances this functionality so that generated code adheres to best-practices guidelines while retaining the simplicity inherent in the feature. The extension optionally changes the generated code so that Dreamweaver creates a ColdFusion Component containing a method that returns the query, output code that uses to invoke the CFC method, and still populates the bindings properly. This extension will make Dreamweaver Recordset functionality useful to those of us who have shied away from it in the past, and will also teach and demonstrate better coding practices to those that do rely on this functionality already.

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    2 words: very cool. 🙂

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