Motorola RAZR Is Here

Cingular has the new Motorola RAZR V3 for $500 (see I am not a Motorola cell phone fan, but this device may be worth a look at. It is quad-band, has Bluetooth support, and is incredibly sleek looking. I’m going to reserve final judgment until I see the software, I have seen too many feature rich Motorola devices hampered by poor software. But having said that, I do want to get my hands on this baby. If any of you lay your hands on one, please comment on it.

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  1. Adam Robertson Avatar
    Adam Robertson

    looks nice, but a guy in the office just got one and it’s got the same poor Motorola software as ever, full of stupid little ‘oversights’ (eg it can only hold one phone number per contact, so when he imported his old phonebook he got loads of duplicate contacts with different numbers). Also the keypad is one bit of thin flexible metal and the contacts seem pretty poor, three of his buttons have already given up the ghost within a week.

  2. Calvin Ward Avatar
    Calvin Ward

    The newest Treo will be out this month with either digital dual-band CDMA/1xRTT or GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band. Also will have Bluetooth support.
    I’ve been real happy with my Treo 600 and am seriously considering upgrading to the 650. Since it is PalmOs based, there’s tons of software options. With the notable exception of a Flash player 🙁 .

  3. Brian Avatar

    I first got wind of the <a href=">Motorola RAZR V3</a> from reading a preview on
    At first it looked like an awesome phone. I was excited and started saving my money for the November release.
    When commercials started launching, I rushed out to buy one. I have to say that this is the BEST! phone ever!
    It is a bit pricey, (I had to pay around $400 WITH a plan with Cingular), but for my money, I think it was worth it.
    You don’t realize how thin it is until you actually hold it in your hand. And the metal alloy, gives it a remarkably high-quality feel. Not like my old StarTac which felt like it could break at any moment.
    As for the software, it’s nothing special. It does have Bluetooth though, which is nice with a wireless headset. But by far the best feature is the design and look. Whenever I pickup a phone call, I get stares from strangers now.

  4. Andreas Luethi Avatar
    Andreas Luethi

    Since three weeks I am a happy razr owner. Unhappily I am on the way to sell this nice looking mobile ASAP. As written by Adam the software is worthless – like old DOS programs with first attempt to graphical interfaces. If you would like to synchronize addresses and agenda with your PC – forget it!

  5. Joseph Avatar

    Is it true that motorola has a razr for verizon? I saw it here: – Thanks for the great info.

  6. Motorola Razr Unlocked Avatar
    Motorola Razr Unlocked

    Wow, I read so much about how the Motorola Software sucks! Man, how could Motorola screw up with that!

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