Goodbye Taiwan

I am about to head to the airport to fly home. MAX 2004 Greater China in Taipei was quite an experience, over 600 attendees, 5 tracks, dozens of sessions, press interviews, way too many photo shoots (both formal and spontaneous), and some of the most friendly people I have met anywhere. This was a primarily Flash oriented event (as most events in Asia tend to be), but there was also lots of interest in ColdFusion, Flex, and mobile computing.
Last night we got to see a little bit of Taipei (the first time I left the hotel since arriving here in Monday!), I’ll post pictures when I get back.
The Macromedia Greater China team is already talking about the 2005 conference, and I definitely plan on attending.

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  1. Bing Avatar

    Hi Ben:
    Really very glad that you can come to Taiwan this time,It is really too short too, does not always feel enough.Your course is very good oh, I have taken many photos of yours too.
    If come to Taiwan next time, I will lead you to eat some famous snack in Taiwan again when free.
    Popularize ColdFusion products and technology in Taiwan, willy , Brian , I such a enthusiasm can continue.
    Finally, I will step up learning English well carefully too, could talk more when face-to-face, happier.

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