I am sitting on a plane (747-400, the most awe inspiring commercial jet ever created, look at one head on, there is a majesty to its size and shape that is beyond compare), about to take off for Taipei, an 18 hour flight (with a short stop in Osaka). I’ll get there Monday evening local time, just in time for MAX Taiwan on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I am scheduled to talk about Blackstone and Flex 1.5 in the opening keynote, present 5 sessions (4 on ColdFusion and 1 on Flex), and meet with press.
I’ve never been to Taiwan before, and I looking forward to meeting the Macromedia community over there.
More to follow, I’m sure.

3 thoughts

  1. Ben, just curious: what you normally do in a 18 hours flight? Gosh… you can read an entire book (or code a great CF app)… hope Macromedia bought a business/1st class chair for you… πŸ˜‰
    Good luck and have a nice flight!

  2. yeah ben, what in the heck can one do, sitting on a plane for 18 freakin hours ?????
    id lose my sh*t i think.
    heck, the 2.5 back to philly from new orleans was a trouble itself πŸ˜‰

  3. Let’s see … read, edit chapters, watch a movie, eat, sleep … and lots of each πŸ™‚

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