MAX Is A Wrap

I’m sitting in New Orleans International Airport, waiting for my flight back home.
I did not blog as much as I had intended to, these past few days were hectic and intense. I presented 7 90 minute hands-on sessions, took part in the Day 1 general session keynote, moderated a BOF, attended more receptions than I can recall, hung out at Mardi Gras World, and even made it over to Bourbon Street once.
Now it’s time to go home and unwind a little, before heading over to Taipei on Sunday for MAX Taiwan where we get to do it all over again.
To all of you who attended MAX 2004, thanks for your participation in helping to make this one of our best events ever. And to those who were unable to attend, don’t make the same mistake next year when we’ll be in … um … nope, not yet. 🙂

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  1. Tjarko Avatar

    Save trip home!! and get some sleep will ye!!

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