Blackstone to Power MAX SMS Notifications

Have you ever needed a reminder for your next MAX session (the time or room)? Have you ever needed quick access to your daily MAX session schedule? I know I have, I even once showed up late to a BOF I was supposed to moderate. Ouch! If you’ve ever been in the same boat you’ll love this one. A Blackstone powered application will send SMS reminders to your phone before your scheduled sessions, and will also return your daily schedule upon request. Details on how to use the application, and how to register your SMS id, will be made available at MAX.

3 responses to “Blackstone to Power MAX SMS Notifications”

  1. M. Schopman Avatar
    M. Schopman

    It would be interesting if Macromedia could put online a "tutorial" of the implementation of the SMS functionality in this case. How did we do this, what did we use, what had to be overcome, how does the code look like, etc. 🙂

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    We will, soon … 🙂

  3. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    LOL! I can hear hundreds of phones beeping from arriving messages from DownUnder!

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