Another SMS Search Engine, Synfonic

Synfonic is another new SMS based search engine, Directory 411 allows searching of addresses and phone numbers and more, Traffic 511 provides traffic information (San Francisco Bay Area only, for now). Details at
We’ll be seeing more and more SMS powered applications in the near future, especially when Blackstone ships. Building SMS applications is still rather complex, and Blackstone promises to revolutionize SMS development today just as it did Web development almost a decade ago.

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  1. j_ivanoff Avatar

    As I was ordering refills on some prescriptions I thought, "Why not SMS?" type in your refill numbers and time you want to pick up and get a confirmation reply with pick up time.

  2. sms_germany Avatar

    Correct. Now, Koffee-Break offers directory services and price comparison for users in Germany, over SMS. This is the most unique for Germany. Plus, they also provide a listing of hotspots in a local neighborhood.
    explains all the services.

  3. markus Avatar

    Have you guys tried 4info ( I like Synfonic but prefer 4info because of its breadth of services – i.e. sports, weather, etc. Has anyone else tried both? Thoughts?

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